What is the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs?

Pets are like family members for many humans, and need the best medical treatment. Irrespective of the kind of pet that you have, it is essential that you stay prepared for paying the medical expenses for emergency care, neutering / spaying, immunizations, wellness visits and more. You can offset regular veterinary visits with the help of a pet insurance scheme. Know about some of the best pet insurance options for dogs.

Pet Assure

From 1995, it extends vet discounts that cover most kinds of animals – starting with dogs and cats. You will not find any annual limits or exclusions to the kind of services that are covered. You have to get the vet providers within the network of Pet Assure, in order to get the 25% discount. You can opt for the plan available for single dog, unlimited or family (that covers 2 – 4 creatures of any size).


This is the biggest pet insurance company in the country. Apart from other animals, Nationwide offers plans to cover dogs. With the Exotic Pet Plan, your pet can get coverage for hospitalization, X-rays, prescriptions, lab fees, examinations, illnesses, accidents and more.


You can get comprehensive insurance plan for your canine friend. There are no deductibles or co-payment for life-saving curative measures. It is possible to visit any vet licensed from the U.S of your preference, and you will not be deprived of any reimbursements for visiting any doctor of your choice. There are 3 plans – Essential, Preferred and Ultimate.

Healthy Paws

It can give you plans for dogs, and cover accidents and ailments, prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, ultrasounds, blood tests, x-rays, specialty care, emergency care, chronic conditions, cancer care, congenital conditions, hereditary conditions and even alternative care. There is an Unlimited Lifetime option that can give you unlimited lifetime advantages when you pay your deductible.


It offers comprehensive and low-cost plans. You can get coverage for congenital conditions, genetic conditions, breed-specific conditions and also dental illnesses, mobility aids, prosthetic limbs, surgery, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, specialist care, ER, rehabilitation, alternative therapies, exam fees, cancer treatment and more.


The insurance policies from Petplan offer insurance for dogs, ensuring no exclusions for chronic or hereditary conditions. The standard plans extend coverage for dental treatments, cancer care, prescriptions, diagnostic treatment, x-rays, surgery, injury, accident, examinations and more. The reimbursement pay is based on the plan of your choice, but is between 70 – 90%.