What is the Best Wet Kitten Food?

As a cat owner, you have to make responsible choices as far as feeding a kitten is involved. Kittens experience a rapid growth during the first few months of their lives, and they need a diet that is high on fat and protein. When you are trying to choose the best wet kitten food, here are some of the best suggestions to pick from.

Wellness Natural Pet Food Grain Free Wet Canned Food, Pate Kitten

It has the best protein, vegetables and fruits. Chicken is the first ingredient here, followed by flaxseed, cranberries, ensuring better urinary health and more. It is perfect for cats up to a year in age. There are no preservatives, colors, artificial flavors or by-products of meat.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

It has beef liver, salmon and real chicken. There is a perfect combination of ingredients that can supply high-quality protein needed by the body for energy and growth. It also has DHA, which comes from seafood salmon, which is essential for the development of the eyes and the brain. This is a tasty food without any preservatives, artificial colors, soy, wheat etc, and is entirely free of grains. Cats up to a year in age are recommended to have it.

Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Gourmet Wet Cat Food

It consists of ocean whitefish, packed with protein of superior grade. It has a lightweight and smooth texture and can easily be digested by small kittens. This wet food has an amazing taste, and is composed of chicken, eggs and real milk. It has supplements like Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B-12, Riboflavin, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It is also available in chicken flavors.

BLUE Buffalo Gourmet Kitten Pate Chicken Wet Cat Food

It mainly comprises of chicken broth, chicken liver and chicken liver and, which provide the body with pure protein needed for the growth and development of muscles. There are also various minerals and vitamins, with added DHA for the development of cognitive abilities. There is phosphorus and calcium which is necessary for the growth of teeth and bones. Cats as old as 1 year or less can have it.

Royal Canin Babycat Canned Cat Food

It is for very small kittens, around 1 – 4 months in age, and trying to shift to solid foods from milk. It has many natural ingredients that can help improve the health of cats – such as improving their immune system.